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Real estate market monitoring_February 2011 (артикул: 07713 19351)

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Дата выхода отчета: 22 Марта 2011
География исследования: Москва и Московская область
Период исследования: February 2011
Количество страниц: 19
Язык отчета: Русский и Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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Дата выхода: 14.10.13

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  • Real estate market monitoring_December 2010
    Map 5.2. Moscow Region. Organized countryside settlements. Prices Source: Blackwood research and data from open sources In December 2010 the average level of prices for the properties of countryside residential real estate of Moscow Region remained at the same level. The holding of Pre-New Year marketing actions and discounting continued. Vesco Group company provides discounts for the households in “Istrinskoe pomestie” and “Russkaya derevnya” (“Russian village”) cottage settlements, located at 47 and 23 km from MKAD along the Novorizhskoe highway, the amount of discount reaches 10%. “Vector Investment” leads New Year actions in 12 cottage settlements of “Istrinskaya dolina”. The buyers of the land plots are provided with discounts from 100,000 to 200,000 rubles. 5% discounts are offered for the land plots without building contracts in Vitro Country settlement. Special conditions for the purchase of viletta in the turn-key condition are offered in the club settlement “Small Italy”. The amount of discount for the furnished viletta measuring 444 sq. m. reaches 10%. “Incom” company provides 15-20% discounts for the townhouses in “Small Scotland” and “Pokrovsky” settlements. It should be noted that the majority of New Year actions are valid upon the condition of total flat payment o…
    BEST INVESTMENT OFFERS AT THE RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE MARKET Primary market Secondary market If you want to know more, call 730-66-99 12-14 Pechatnikov per. This new small apartment house is located in the quiet lanes near Sretenka Street, in the vicinity of Tsvetnoy Boulevard. This place has an old Moscow feel to it because the architectural image of the district remains unscathed. The house blends har- moniously with the surrounding environment. 17 apartments from 100 sq. m. High ceiling, modern engineering equipment. The silence of the old Moscow lanes combines with the modern engineering equipment to make your life in this house as com- fortable as possible. Italian Quarter Elite residential complex in the center of Moscow. 7 man- sions are simultaneously under construction. Each of them has from 12 to 35 apartments measuring from 45 to 300 sq. m. Thanks to its unique location, the residents may enjoy silence and comfort. State-of-the-art engineering systems, club service, developed infrastructure make living in this complex truly com- fortable. Kazarmenny Lane 3 The House in Pokrovsky Boulevard deluxe class surrounded by old manor houses and mansions. Landscaped space. Apart- ments, open lay-out, 103 and 122 sq. m. and penthouse 340 sq. m. Parking spaces in the underground g…
    Moscow. Sale. Supply. By the end of 2010, the supply volume amounted to approx 940 apartments (165, 9 thous. sq. m.) in the elite primary market. In Q4 2010, new projects were not offered for sale, however the market enlarged with six new complexes during the year: 11, Burdenko str.; bld.2, 28, Trubetskaya str., “Afanasievsky” RC (24 -26, B.Afanasievsky per.); “Andreevsky” RC (8, 2nd Frunzenskaya str.); “Art-House” RC (9/16, 2 Tessinsky per.); “Sadovie Quarters” RC (12, Efremova str.). Besides, the construction of new elite buildings is planned in Efremova str., M.Pirogovskaya str., Kooperativnaya str., Sergeya Makeeva str., L’va Tolstogo str., Prechistenskaya emb., 1st Zachatievsky per., etc. The main supply volume in the elite primary market was formed by such complexes as “Sadovie Quarters” (Khamovniki district) and “Italian Quarter” (Tverskoy district). Their total share in the overall supply volume amounted to approximately 45%. As far as the elite apartment market concerns, there are now offers in the primary market in such complexes as “Residence Znamenka” (9/12, Znamenka str.), “Legenda Tsvetnogo” (2, Tsvetnoy boulevard), “Moscow-City” MIBC towers (Imperia Tower, City of Capitals, federation Tower), as well as “Meating House” RC (9-11, Myasnitskaya str.), delivered to the…
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